Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to anonymous, unauthenticated users of


We do not track or analyse your access or use of this website in any manner. No cookies are placed on your computer during your use of this website.

Information provided via the Data Correction page can be used to update our databases (public data), do not share any personal information via this page.


To protect and rate-limit the API we store the network IP address of your client in memory (RAM) for up to 1 minute.
Any other information you provide is discarded after your request is answered. We do not log requests.

Terms of Service

These terms apply to anonymous, unauthenticated users of

Acceptable Use Policy

The use of the API is strictly limited for a non-commercial purpose and in a non-commercial environment.

Example of allowed, non-commercial usage:

  • display cookie banner to visitors from EU on your personal blog
  • display country flag for users of a free, ad-supported game

Example of forbidden, commercial usage:

  • local currency or closest store for visitors of an online shop
  • geo-targeted ads for users of an ad network
  • fraud prevention for online orders

Only members with a pro subscription can use the API in a commercial environment.

Usage limits

If you exceed the usage limit of 45 requests per minute your access to the API will be temporarily blocked. Repeatedly exceeding the limit will result in your IP address being banned for up to 1 hour.


We use multiple sources for populating our database, including BGP, RIR, ISP and data sharing agreements, geofeeds and latency-based tracking.

For some IP ranges we fallback to GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from

We do our best effort to return accurate data, but the information returned may contain errors or be inaccurate.


Have questions or concerns about ip-api, our services and privacy? Contact us at